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My ceremonies are designed for those of you who like to experience life to it’s fullest and love to celebrate a little differently with your favourite people around you! As well as specialising in Pagan and Alternative Couples ceremonies, such as handfastings, weddings and vow renewals, I also create incredibly special and personal rites of passage ceremonies for the entire family, for all of life’s major events.
I help you celebrate the birth of a new child or an adult’s new identity with a Naming Ceremony. You may wish to join a family together with an Adoption or Family Unity Ceremony? As we progress through life, we reach many Coming of Age Milestones that you wish to celebrate too!
When we reach the end of our lives, you may wish to pre-plan your funeral ceremony or as family and friends, we may have to prepare to say our farewells and organise an alternative, more personalised funeral, a natural burial, DIY funeral service or a pagan funeral rite or memorial service.
I can support, assist and advise you throughout the entire ceremony arrangement process. If I can be of any further help please do not hesitate to contact me, I am always happy to answer your questions.

naming, adoption and family unity ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies are the perfect alternative to a religious Christening.

Whether you are a babe-in-arms, young child or a grown adult, you can have a Baby Blessing, Naming Ceremony or Adult Change of Name Ceremony.

When they receive their given name, it is witnessed by.... 

Pagan Handfastings, Rites of Passage Ceremonies and Rituals

As a member of the Pagan community, I have, over the years, come to appreciate the lack of family services available to us, and having to "make do" with conventional ceremonies that are just not who we are.

Now, as a Druid Pagan Celebrant, I am able to offer...

Alternative and Unconventional Couple’s ceremonies

I specialise in creating alternative and unconventional wedding, civil partnership and civil marriage celebrations, handfastings, vow renewals and commitment ceremonies.

Do you dream of eloping and making your promises, just the two of you, witnessed….

Funeral and End of Life Ceremonies and Services

The Last Journey…

Families and communities have always come together to mark rites of passage. We have honoured and celebrated all of life’s milestones for thousands of years, the birth and naming of a new baby, birthdays, marriages and anniversaries.

Our death and funeral ceremony should be no different. Family and friends gather together to pay their final respects…

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Gaynor Stickels Celebrant

Pagan & Alternative Ceremonies

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