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My ceremonies are designed for those of you who like to experience life to it’s fullest and love to celebrate a little differently with your favourite people around you! As well as specialising in Pagan and Alternative Couples ceremonies, such as handfastings, weddings and vow renewals, I also create incredibly special and personal rites of passage ceremonies for the entire family, for all of life’s major events.
I help you celebrate the birth of a new child or an adult’s new identity with a Naming Ceremony. You may wish to join a family together with an Adoption or Family Unity Ceremony? As we progress through life, we reach many Coming of Age Milestones that you wish to celebrate too!
When we reach the end of our lives, you may wish to pre-plan your funeral ceremony or as family and friends, we may have to prepare to say our farewells and organise an alternative, more personalised funeral, a natural burial, DIY funeral service or a pagan funeral rite or memorial service.
I can support, assist and advise you throughout the entire ceremony arrangement process. If I can be of any further help please do not hesitate to contact me, I am always happy to answer your questions.

Pagan Handfastings, Rites of Passage Ceremonies and Rituals

As a member of the Pagan community, I have, over the years, come to appreciate the lack of family services available to us, and having to “make do” with conventional ceremonies that are just not who we are.

Now, as a Druid Pagan Celebrant, I am able to offer the rites of passage ceremonies that enable you to celebrate and honour your spiritual beliefs with your loved ones, family, friends and wider pagan community.

Each ceremony is totally unique – written and created just for you and is done so with great care and devotion to your individual requirements.

Whatever you practice, be it Druidry, Wicca, Heathenry, Shamanism,  Animistic, Diety or Nature-based spirituality, I will work with you to create a deeply symbolic and meaningful ceremony or ritual that honours your beliefs.

I can help you to bless and welcome a new baby, celebrating a handfasting or honouring the life of a loved one with a pagan funeral.

If you wish to hold a Public ritual, such as an Equinox or Solstice, please do get in touch and I will be more than happy to discuss it with you.

naming, adoption and family unity ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies are the perfect alternative to a religious Christening.

Whether you are a babe-in-arms, young child or a grown adult, you can have a Baby Blessing, Naming Ceremony or Adult Change of Name Ceremony.

When they receive their given name, it is witnessed by all who will love and care about them! It’s a fantastic celebration and the perfect way to welcome them into your family and the wider community. 

An Adoption or Family Unity Ceremony is perfect for bringing modern families together. 

These ceremonies can welcome and introduce adopted children, join stepfamilies together, or just celebrate a family coming together to form a stronger bond, perhaps after a period of separation or illness.

I love creating them because they are filled with love, fun and so much symbolism!

Everyone in your community can get involved. There are no “traditional” formats for these ceremonies, sometimes with just close family at home in your garden, a good old family get-together in a village hall or hotel or a large gathering, sharing a picnic in the park or a barbeque on the beach!

You can still have the traditional “Godparents”, or some call them Supporting Adults or Guide-parents, and if you have family and friends like mine – you can rightly call them the “Fairly Odd Parents”! 

Alternative and Unconventional Couple’s ceremonies

I specialise in creating alternative and unconventional wedding, civil partnership and civil marriage celebrations, handfastings, vow renewals and commitment ceremonies.

Do you dream of eloping and making your promises, just the two of you, witnessed only by the full moon and the stars in the night sky?

Have you always wanted an outdoor wedding? Perhaps a Bohemian wedding as the sun sets on your favourite beach? Or a Handfasting at Stonehenge as the dawn breaks and the sun rises over the stones?

Do you wish to make your vows on an oath-ring, calling to Odin, Freyja or Thor to bless your union in a Viking Heathen wedding?

Are you party animals and want to have your very own festival wedding weekend, celebrating with family and friends?

Are you planning a destination wedding? Couples from Austrailia, America, New Zealand, Canada, Europe and countries across the world want to have a UK Destination Wedding so that they can celebrate with family and friends or in a favourite place, venue or landmark.


Do you delight in the idea of a deliciously dark Gothic wedding in a crumbling ruin or a Steampunk wedding in an industrial museum?

Would you love to dress up and want to be joined together in a Cosplay wedding? Perhaps as your favourite character from Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, or Avengers characters? If you do, I am all over that like a rash – any excuse to get into character!!

I’m sure by now, you’ve realised that the possibilities for your ceremony choices are only limited by our imagination.

Whatever you dream of, it is my job, as your ceremony ‘Fairy Godmother’, to wave my little Druid wand and make your wish come true!

I will listen to your ideas and I will create a ceremony that reflects you, your personalities and the vision for your special day.

Funeral and End of Life Ceremonies and Services

The Last Journey…

Families and communities have always come together to mark rites of passage. We have honoured and celebrated all of life’s milestones for thousands of years, the birth and naming of a new baby, birthdays, marriages and anniversaries.

Our death and funeral ceremony should be no different. Family and friends gather together to pay their final respects, give tribute and remember the life of the person that has died.

The majority of my work is booked directly by a funeral director. However, if you wish to book me directly, then you can do exactly that by contacting on 07968710882 or via my contact page.

My role as a celebrant is to help guide and support the deceased’s family or funeral organiser, through this final transition of life.

During our meeting, I will spend time listening to the memories of the deceased and offer suggestions and guidance on the type of ceremony that would be appropriate for them and any additional content you may wish to include. I will then create and deliver a fitting tribute for the funeral ceremony.


I encourage people to participate in the ceremony as much or as little as they feel able to. There are no limitations on what can be included, in the past, people have shared poems, hymns, readings, music and symbolic gestures. I have a wide selection of suggestions to help you choose what you think is appropriate for your ceremony.

I believe that people should have the type of ceremony that reflects who they were as a person. I am happy to provide a completely non-religious tribute or include any religious, spiritual or cultural content.

I provide this service because I believe that people need to be able to participate in the closing of life’s circle. A funeral ceremony can be the beginning of the grieving process, knowing that the deceased has been truly honoured and respected, allowing the family and friends to begin to look forward. 

Funeral Celebrant Services Available:

  • Funerals – Graveside and Cremation
  • Natural Burial Grounds
  • Private Land Ceremonies
  • Pagan Burial Rites
  • Ashley Scattering Assistance
  • Ashes Interment Ceremony
  • Memorial Services
  • Pre-Planned Funeral Ceremony

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Gaynor Stickels Celebrant

Pagan & Alternative Ceremonies

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